Our Mission

Make Artificial intelligence useful to SMBs

Our vision is to create an AI product that businesses and marketers find extremely satisfying. A product that delivers value for the present and value for the future with recommended actions that help us do our jobs more effectively and run our businesses better. A product that doesn’t discriminate between skill set or experience, where anyone can access predictions that bring in the best results for them and their business.


Whatify is a crystal ball that allows anyone to see the future of their business and act on it

Liam Galin

Chief Executive Officer

An accomplished CEO With 20 years of experience leading small to large, privately held to publicly traded companies, harnessing an impressive technological and global business background to accelerate the company’s growth.

Erez Sali Ph.D

Chief Technology Officer

A machine learning, deep learning and engineering expert, with 25 years of experience in applying innovation in technology leadership roles.

Noam Stern


Serial entrepreneur and Co-founder of Financial Algorithms Ltd. (Final), one of the world’s most successful high-frequency trading companies.