Farewell Firefly, Big Welcome Whatify!

I am excited to announce the launch of our new product and brand, Whatify. After spending the last few years building and perfecting the world’s best automated AI engine, aka Firefly.ai, we realized that there was a huge gap between the potential of the product and the people who would benefit most from it. So we went silent and embarked on a journey to break down the barriers between data experts and business needs and created Whatify, a revolutionary product, based on our cutting edge AI technology that makes recommended actions accessible for all. We are thrilled about these new changes and the impact we will be making on the world of tech, AI, and business.

Essentially, we have built a never before seen product that can generate predictions, and even recommend actions, for just about anyone so that every person can achieve their business results and objectives without being a data expert.

So, what is Whatify exactly? 

Imagine a crystal ball that looks into your past and is able to answer questions about the future of your business. Imagine if you could play with different scenarios to tell you What If…? In a nutshell, take a business problem and “Whatify” it. This is Whatify. 

Whatify is a question-triggered prescriptive analytics platform that allows anyone to predict the future of their business and act on it. In more mundane terms, just ask it in plain English: “what does the future hold?”, connect your data (no IT needed) and the magic behind the scenes will come up with answers. With Whatify you get predictions and recommended actions you can act on with zero data or technological skills required. All you’ve got to do is ask your business question and see predictions and suggestions come your way. It’s really that simple.

What are recommended actions?

Recommended actions are derived from prescriptive analytics. Instead of just predicting what’s going to happen, prescriptive analytics enables businesses to understand which actions they need to take to achieve the best possible outcome for their scenario. 

Recommended actions do 2 things:

  • They provide businesses with recommendations on what they should do to get the outcome they want
  • Provide businesses with “What-If?” scenarios that let them assess various outcomes based on different actions they may take

You can read more about recommended actions here

Who is Whatify for?

Whatify is literally for anyone, ANYONE, who wants to make smarter, data-driven, predictive-driven decisions for their business and own professional goals. Although our platform can answer almost any question, our focus is currently on Sales and Marketing. Whether you want to better predict customer behavior, optimize customer acquisition, or improve retention, Whatify has you covered. 

How Whatify works in 3 simple steps:

  1. Ask your business question: Whether you’re trying to predict the average CLV for any segment  or whether you’re trying to predict which customers are going to leave, we’ve got predictions and recommended actions for your business questions.
  2. Connect your data: Easily connect and integrate your marketing, advertising, sales and customer data in any format, from any data source directly into the platform.
  3. Act on recommended actions: Access recommended actions that will ensure every decision you make is powered by AI. Get clarity into all the metrics that matter and uncover new opportunities to bring in more ROI.

Why do I need Whatify?

Simply because this revolutionary crystal ball that speaks your professional language will contribute to your bottom line while making you a better decision maker and business manager.

For example, Marketeers can benefit through:

Acquisition: Increase your marketing return and profitability by understanding which campaign parameters will work best, which channels to focus on, and which customers and prospects to target in order to bring the highest ROI and sales. 

Conversion: By segmenting your customers and breaking down their purchase and behavior history, you will be able to predict not only what types of customers you should be bringing in, but which customers and segments will convert best.

Retention: Predict which customers are at risk of leaving or not returning to make another purchase and utilize recommended actions to determine the best way to ensure each customer stays through next best action and next best offer analysis.

Give it a try for yourself and sign up to join our beta today!