Quick note before I begin…

I am excited to announce the launch of Whatify’s Beta, an AI-powered platform designed for ecommerce marketing professionals who want to be at the forefront of their industry. We’ve opened up the invite to join the wait list and you can grab your invite here.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of ecommerce marketing. Everyone knows this. That’s why it’s important that ecommerce marketers jump on the bandwagon today and start applying useful AI tactics to all their marketing efforts and strategies. With Whatify, ecommerce marketers can leverage the power of AI for their business by gaining predictions to their future KPIs and identifying opportunities to increase their AOV, sales conversion rates, CLV, profits, and more!

What is Whatify?

Think about it as looking at your analytics dashboards, but instead of just seeing your present KPIs, you can see your future ones and even get recommendations on how to improve them. For example, you can not only predict next week’s AOV per segment, but you also get suggestions on how to predict even more! For example, if you want to gain CLV predictions, Whatify will not only tell you the future CLV of each segment and customer, but it will give you automated suggestions as to what you should do to improve the CLV of each customer and segment. 

Whatify is powered by AI and built for marketers. What we mean is that the end user doesn’t need to know a single line of code to get these predictions and AI-driven suggestions. We’ve built a platform that lets you do all you need to do in just a few short clicks, including seamless data integration with your data providers (E-commerce platform, CRM, Marketing automation, analytics and advertising).

What can ecommerce marketers achieve with Whatify?

Higher AOV

The more our customers spend, the better off we are, no? With Whatify, you can predict which products are going to be purchased the most, which combinations of products will be most popular and what the average order value will be. With AI-driven suggestions you will know which products to promote and to who in order to increase chance of sale and AOV, discover which user segments you should target with personalized offers so they make their first purchase and how to show your products based on browsing behavior to make the shopping experience relevant on the first visit.

Whatify enables you to:

  • Maximize your pricing while still maintaining high conversion rates and sales
  • Know which types of content, products, or messaging to deliver for effective upsells
  • Better target your customers with accurate segmentation and maximize interaction

Grab your invite to Whatify’s Beta here!

Increased CLV

This metric is key in distinguishing the financial value of each customer. Identify those who are more valuable and use analytics to find insights on which segments or customers you need to spend more time and resources on. And if you’re able to predict which customers are going to make a purchase and how much, you can always apply some upselling and cross selling techniques to get them to purchase more, now that you know they’ll be converting anyways. AI-driven suggestions will take you one step further and guide you on things like what channel do you approach each customer to maximize sales? What type of promotion and when? Which customers should you target and how (one customer at a time)?

Whatify enables you to:

  • Identify the most profitable future customers for your business and prioritize your marketing efforts
  • Uncover which content, messaging, and offerings will work best for each value-based segment
  • Predict expected profits from each segment and allocate budget accordingly

Grab your invite to Whatify’s Beta here!

Maximum Shopping Cart Conversion Rate

Finding traffic to your store isn’t so tough, but finding quality traffic that is more likely to convert certainly is. You have to know who to target with which type of content across what device at what time? You get the point. But with analytics, you have the upper hand. Whatify enables ecommerce marketers to identify patterns and trends amongst a huge amount of customer data. And because of this, marketers can now predict the purchasing behavior of potential buyers and store visitors. But what I just told you is actually just a prediction. With AI-driven suggestions you can take it a step further and know how to engage with each customer, which offer, channel, device, and content offering you should be delivering. 

Whatify enables you to:

  • Discover which marketing tactics will bring in the best results for each customer
  • Predict the future demand for your products and adjust pricing and inventory accordingly
  • Improve your customer segmentation and understand which content to use to increase conversion

Grab your invite to Whatify’s Beta here!

Whatify is where the future of ecommerce marketing is headed. No other platform provides such useful and deep insights while being so easy to use simultaneously. Discover what Whatify can do for your business and begin increasing your AOV, sales conversion rates, CLV, and more!